New Installations

Intruder alarms can be hard wired, wire free or in certain situations "hybrid" a mixture of both technologies. Hard wired systems are still the preferred choice, even though the technology for wire free systems has improved immensely over the past few years.

The biggest concern to the majority of people is that they will see unsightly cabling. There is no need to worry. Through years of experience, we can hide cables with the minimum of disturbance. This is achieved by concealing them under carpets and through cupboards, which would be fully explained during the site survey. As a small company, reputation and further recommendations are vital, so installing a neat and tidy job with no visible cables is paramount. We would not install visible cables in our own homes, or any one elses.

In certain cases, hiding cables can prove to be impossible. In this case the latest wire free equipment can be installed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both technologies, all can be explained on a site survey with quotes supplied for both systems so, you the client, can decide on which system suits you best.

Pets can be catered for in both wired and wireless systems. Cats and small dogs are ignored by pet tolerant detectors, so gone are the days of confining the cat to a certain room before you leave the premises, if you can find him!

With the increasing number of burglaries happening at night when people are in bed, all our alarm systems are programmed for part set, enabling certain parts of the system to be isolated whilst the premises are occupied.

Systems can be installed as audible only, or have a speech dialler fitted to them to contact you should there be an activation. No on going central station charges, just the cost of a call should the alarm be triggered.

If CCTV is your requirement we only use medium and high-resolution cameras, connected to half real time digital recorders or real time recorders depending on your requirements and budget. Options can be supplied for various cameras and recorders again so you can decide which systems suit you best.

All equipment is warranted, complies with and is installed to the latest British and European standards and is very user friendly.