Yearly maintenance is advisable for any system, and to comply with current standards, and meet the requirements of some insurance companies, should be carried out. However, we do not force customers to take out a service agreement, it is provided as an option. Maintained customers will receive certain discounts and have priority callout over non maintained customers in the event of an emergency.

If, after installation of a security system, the customer prefers not to take out the maintenance agreement, we will still provide a callout service should there be any problems.

Is your system currently maintained and your looking for a new service provider?

We have taken over the yearly maintenance of countless systems. We do not insist you replace the external sounder or upgrade the system in the case of intruder alarms. We have years of experience on most manufacturers systems and will take over the maintenance as is. The only time we replace equipment is when we are requested to, or it is faulty.

Repairs & Upgrades

From a simple replacement of a door contact, an extra detector fitted or camera to your system or a battery replacement in the main control panel, we can repair most systems, including audio entry and gate systems. We have knowledge of most manufacturers, too many to list here, after having spent years in the security industry, and most repairs can be carried out for our standard callout charge plus parts.

We will also provide quotations for extra works to the majority of systems.

If we can not repair the system, then the callout is seen as a survey, and therefore no callout charge is implemented, and a quote to upgrade the system is provided. We do not believe in charging customers to inform them the system is broken, something they are already aware of!

Stopped using your existing intruder alarm because of a new pet?

If you have stopped using your intruder alarm because of a new pet, say a cat or small dog. The existing detectors on most control panels can be replaced for pet tolerant detectors so that the system can be used once more.

Has your system been disconnected or youíve inherited it with your house?

It could be a case that some one inherits an alarm when they buy a house and have no codes for the system or any idea how to use it or it has been disconnected due to some problem. Most panels can be defaulted and reprogrammed to the new owner's requirements or tested to determine the problem and repaired. A change of battery in the panel is normally required, and thatís it.